Wilkesboro, North Carolina

Artist’s Alley

List of Artists

The following artists and vendors are scheduled to appear

(table locations are subject to change)




Acrylic paintings inspired by owls, big eyes and bright colors!


Bear Butt Comics



Brian is a small press comic book artist and writer for his original action comedy, Intermezzo. He also creates Cartoon Cosplays, original art of comic and cartoon characters cosplaying other characters.

Blaze Belushi



“You thought I was a geek if my memory serves. If so, my flow, is ‘Revenge of the Nerds’.” – Blaze Belushi

Cartoonist and Rapper.

Blaze Belushi has been making waves in the local scene for a few years now. He’s had guest appearances on various songs, including on album releases from Mightier Than The Sword Records. He was featured on “The Other Side remix” from Ty Bru’s powerhouse debut “On the Brink”, then returned for the “Posse Cut” and background vocals on “TKO” for Ty Bru’s 3rd album “Triple Bypass- In The Ambulance.” Also, he appeared on Matt Irie’s “Don’t Wanna Go Home,” as well as placing 4 features on “Under The Tree” the Mightier Than The Sword Christmas compilation. In addition, Blaze has worked with artists ranging from Ed E Ruger, Celinski the Mayor, Pete Wurthy, Big Bis, Tenacious, Matt Irie, among others.

Byron Wilkins



Byron Wilkins is a professional illustrator having created work for NASCAR and NBC Sports. He also is the creator of the webcomic “1977 the Comic” based on Byron’s life as a bass player in rock bands back in 1977.

CaitCat Art




Artists specializing in digital art prints, handmade sketchbooks, stickers, hand-painted miniatures, artwork commissions.

Dragon’s Den



We are a local Gaming/Comic store up in Boone, NC. We opened in November 2018. We are carrying on the legacy of the old Dragons Den that existed before and are not officially associated with them. We sell Wargaming minis, Magic Cards, Anime Cards, RPG materials to include dice, and comics/reading materials.

Duae Designs



Handmade sewn bags, catnip toys, fleece cat hats, and potentially crochet items such as small dolls, plush toys, and art prints.


Happy Plushie Fun Time



We make plushies as well as plush making sewing kits. We will have some 3d printed items, dice and will have some mochi and ramune.  Our primary goal is to spread the idea that people can learn to sew and make their own costumes, stuffed animals, and whatever else they want to make.

James Maxstadt



The author of four, (possibly five by show time), fantasy novels, including the adventures of Duke Grandfather and his friends.  James’s books are clean and suitable for middle-school through adult.

Kilted Creature



There have been reported sightings of the Bagpipe playing Kilted Creature dating back to the Devonian Age. “KC”, along with his brother, “Creature from the Black Lagoon”, shared the same pond as tadpoles. The Kilted Creature left the pool at an early age and travelled up north where he ended up to Loch Ness, Scotland, where he also got his first set of bagpipes.

Fast forward to the 21st century and modern technology. On a more recent journey, KC happened into the “Claws and Dragons” Pub in Isle of Man, where he met a beautiful bar wench he calls “The Keeper”. They immediately had an animal attraction for each other and haven’t left each other since. Now living in the mountains of North Carolina, the Kilted Creature can be seen, along with his cute little keeper, and their love-child “Sgt. Tadpole at Arms”, playing his bagpipes well beyond the Black Lagoon.

The “Kilted Creature” pays tribute to the “Creature from the Black Lagoon” Universal Studios® Classic Horror Movie Trilogy.

Kinda Cute Creations



Kinda Cute Creations is here to brighten your day with art prints, plushies, buttons, and much more! Bring home your own handmade creation from us, made with love, by a fan for the fans!

Klaws of Kreation



Kev Lyerly, aka Klaws of Kreation, is an artist from Winston Salem NC. For the past twenty years he has self-published his own comics and produced fan art ranging from cards to 11×17 prints.

Klingon Assault Group



The Klingon Assault Group is a not-for-profit fan organization.  The IKV Executioner, a chapter of KAG, supports Kwanzaa Family Inn women’s shelter.  Look for their table of Klingon and Star Trek Alien memorabilia and recruitment information for the Klingon Assault Group.




Leeanna Earp is a locally based illustrator and mixed media artist. She is currently majoring in Studio Art at UNC Pembroke as a sophomore. Her focus is character and fan art in a cartoonishly semi-realistic style.

Man Eating Cake Comics



Man Eating Cake Comics is the Brainchild of Jay Gobble and Jason Carr…we publish the comics Appomattox…and Blood of the Lotus…hailing from Winston Salem and Greensboro…our styles run from superhero to Manga.

Modern Mercurial


Modern Mercurial is in its third year of business, selling a variety of small trinkets. We’ll be selling plushies, vinyl decals, buttons, and more. Our merchandise is rarely the same twice, so don’t miss us!





Mumswear creates one-of-a-kind unique shirts for unique individuals.  We started Mumswear when Jean, (my wife) created a poly dice shirt for our oldest son to wear to Gen-Con in Indianapolis. Since I have been a comic nerd longer then Batman has had a cape and a cowl, we started a small cottage industry. We sell online as well as attending shows and conventions.

Red Wolf Studios



I’m a digital artist and graphic designer whose main inspiration is from my favorite video games.  I sell a variety of prints, charms, buttons and other items from various video game and anime fandoms! I also have a selection of pride themed jewelry and microfiber cleaning cloths.

Robert Jenkins



Comic strips and watercolors.  Creator of the web Comic Strip “Where’s Fluffy?” And father of a tiny Fluffy Kitten.


Rumble and Roar Wandmakers



Handmade wands and movie quality props.  Master Wandmakers for over a decade, come see the finest magical products this side of Diagon Alley, (Though we have a shop there too if you don’t want to fly in).

Tammy’s Handcrafted Jewelry




Based in Rural Hall, Tammy makes Macramé Wall, and Dream Catcher wall hangings, Jewelry and Loom knit items, and will be featuring perler bead key chains with logos related to Marvel and DC characters.

The Dice Hut



The Dice Hut is a Game supply store. We do as are name says carry dice and that is our main focus but don’t let that fool you. We carry all the basic game supplies no matter what type of game we got you covered.

Two Tiger Moon Studios




Two Tiger Moon Studio is the art of Eric and Wendy Harmon. We travel to different anime and comic conventions throughout the east coast.  Digital artists who love World of Warcraft, comics, anime, and almost anything nerdy.

WatchWorks Comics



WatchWorks Comics soars across the galaxy to find the best Comic Art, Variants, and Signed Exclusives for you!

For almost 30 years, I worked in the telecom industry all over the world. For the last 14 of those years I ran my Comic Shop online. Now, I’m living back in my hometown again, married to my best friend, the first girl I ever had a crush on, and… Now… I have opened my first brick and mortar comic store ever! No more telecom, just comics!!

Wilkes Community College – Game Development



Information for individuals interesting in furthering their education in any of the following fields:


  • Computer Programming
  • Website Development
  • Network Management
  • Advertising & Graphic Design
  • Simulation & Game Development
  • Digital Media

Jere Miles is the lead instructor of game development at Wilkes Community College, but also teaches classes in the other fields listed above and will be able to provide information as well as answer any potential questions about:

  • Classes in the programs
  • Software used in the programs
  • Admittance to the college
  • Career opportunities within the programs

Will Boyer



Will Boyer (CartoonistWill) is the creator, writer and illustrator of webcomics such as the secular comedy “SuperMilo,” the religious edutainment series “Gospelman Adventures” and the humorous Gospelman comic strip, as well as a the co-creator of Empire Comics Lab’s comedy “Hip Hop” about a rabbit trying to make it big in Hollywood, co-created and written by Dan Johnson, and the illustrator of a short backup comedy comic, “Li’l Nuetro,” written by Dave Noe, for a future graphic novel by inDELLible. He also letters for the publishers on various titles.

William Withers II



Original art commissions, sketch cards and cover, prints.

Worked on sketch cards for Upper deck cards on various Marvel properties (Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-man, etc.) Transformers, Vampirella, and Dc comics. Also illustrates for various Indy comic publications.

Wilson’s Toy Store



I sell framed canvas prints, jewelry and toys.

I have been selling toys for about 10 years. I enjoy talking to people about old toys and reliving our childhood. I have set up at toy shows in Hickory, Raleigh, and Greensboro. I have done comic cons in Marion and Statesville. I also set up at flea markets all around.