Wilkesboro, North Carolina

Purchase Table/Booth 1

Wilkes Comic Con Table Contract



If circumstances arise where you cannot attend the convention, we ask that you email us before July 1, 2020.  Emergencies will be considered on a case by case basis. Failure to adhere to this guideline may prevent participation in future Wilkes Comic Cons.

Indoor Table Information

Each Indoor Exhibition table area includes:

  • One 6-foot table that is approximately 6′ wide by 2′ – 6″ deep by 2′ – 5″ tall. These measurements are approximate and may vary.  You may not bring your own table(s) to supplement this amount.
  • Two chairs per table
  • Two Vendor/Artist Passes
  • Approximately 18 square feet space behind the exhibition table (There may be additional space or common space that is also present due to the shape or layout of the hall).

Should you bring a grid wall or if you have any stackable items, for public safety you cannot build it more than seven feet above the floor, and it must be of sound construction.  Display space behind each table is not guaranteed.

Electricity is not included.  Internet is not included

There may only be two people behind each table at any time. This includes the common spaces behind the tables as well.  Please be mindful of access ways and other vendors and artists.

Please remember, Benton Hall is a historic building.  Please do not attach ANYTHING to the walls, columns, floor, ceiling.  The use of any display that could harm the venue space is prohibited.

Vendors and Artists are responsible for securing their own personal property and merchandise

Outdoor Booth Area

Each Outdoor Booth area includes:

  • One designated area outside of Benton Hall approximately 10 feet by 10 feet square. These measurements are approximate and may vary.
  • Two Vendor/Artist Passes

Electricity is not included.  Internet is not included.  Wilkes Comic Con WILL NOT PROVIDE tables, chairs, or tents.  It is the responsibility of the Artist/Vendor to provide their own setup.  Wilkes Comic Con cannot be held responsible for weather or any other unforeseen environmental issues.

Tents must be securely anchored.  Please be mindful of access ways, other vendors and artists, and the grounds.

The entire facility is a non-smoking area.

Vendors and Artists are responsible for securing their own personal property and merchandise

Artwork and Display Policies

All displayed artwork must be kept to a PG-13 rating.

The sale of unlicensed or stolen artwork is strictly prohibited.

All artwork displayed needs to be the work of the creator who is present at the table; please do not display the work of an artist who is not at Wilkes Comic Con.


Wilkes Comic Con will provide: either (a) 1 Vendor table and two chairs OR (b) 1 10′ x 10′ outdoor booth space for Saturday, July 18, 2020, up to 2 Vendor passes, Listing in program and website.

Vendor/Artist Terms: Vendor/Artist is will pay either an (a) $20.00 fee for table OR (b) $10.00 fee for outdoor booth space.  Vendor/Artist will adhere to the terms and policies of Wilkes Comic Con and Wilkes Playmakers.